Floods Protection

The NoFloods Barrier™ technologies are subject to patents or patent applications around the world.

Coffer Damming

The NoFloods Flex Wall can easily be extended to protect larger areas and is 100% reusable.

Recilient Cities

It gives a barrier that is easy to install, flexible, reusable and with a lifespan of 50 years.

Sustainable Solution

Headquartered in Denmark, Environment Solutions ApS develops and manufacture solutions for temporary flood protection and liquid storage

We probably offer the most efficient solution for temporary large scale flood protection. We have invested actively in creating the world’s most cost-effective solution for flood protection, as well as deploying temporary reservoirs for storing rainwater, wastewater etc.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Indirect health impacts which follow flood events, such as waterborne diseases, can cause more deaths than the initial flooding. NoFloods’ solution could reduce the vulnerability of communities to these risks.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The NoFlood Barrier minimises the resources needed to protect cities against floods by offering an easy-to-install mobile infrastructure solution.

Climate Action

Effective flood barriers increase resilience to more frequent flooding as a result of climate change. According to the company, it reduces CO2 emissions by 99.6% compared to traditional sandbag barriers.

About Our Partners

NoFloods is a part of Environment Solutions ApS – a Scandinavian company focusing on reducing devastations from flooding.